Does Flexeril Cause Weight Gain?

Does Flexeril Cause Weight Gain?

Beta-blockers work by slowing the heart rate, the heart’s workload and its output of blood, all of whichlowers blood pressure. That’s why they’re often prescribed as a treatment for hypertension, angina and irregular heartbeat. If you’re on a beta-blocker, no one has to tell you the side effects include fatigue, insomnia and a slow heartbeat.

  • All of those can add up to a less physically active lifestyle, which — no surprise — may result in extra weight.
  • 2) Cyclobenzaprine – Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) makes you tired at a dose of 10 mg to 30 mg per day.
  • Taking two or more of these drugs together could lead to a potentially life-threatening condition called serotonin syndrome.
  • Use an app or alarm to keep from missing doses, but use a checklist or app to record doses to avoid taking too many.
  • Primary endpoints for both trials were determined by patient-generated data and included global impression of change, medication helpfulness, and relief from starting backache.
  • It may produce drowsiness and dizziness, and it is not recommended for anyone over 65.

Because it’s a cheap generic, cyclobenzaprine is an excellent first choice, but the sedative side effect limits its use throughout the day. It may also produce increased dry mouth, particularly in the elderly. Consider a superior non-sedating solution if this is a concern. However, it should be noted that Flexeril can cause peripheral vasodilation leading to hypotension as an adverse reaction, but this is only transient. Furthermore, some which are used for the treatment of blood pressure, like guanethidine, can have their efficacies lowered when used concomitantly with Flexeril.

According to the American Migraine Foundation, people at a healthy weight who experience migraines have about a 3 percent chance of developing chronic headaches. For people who are overweight and for people with obesity, however, the chance of chronic migraine is 3 to 5 times greater. In a pharmacokinetic study of sixteen subjects with hepatic impairment (15 mild, 1 moderate per Child-Pugh score), both AUC and Cmax were approximately double the values seen in the healthy control group. Based on the findings, FLEXERIL should be used with caution in subjects with mild hepatic impairment starting with the 5 mg dose and titrating slowly upward.

Cyclobenzaprine Side Effects and Warnings

It is important to note that not everyone gains weight when taking medications that have weight gain as a known side effect. With antipsychotics, most weight gain occurs in the first 6 months on medication. The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance recommend increasing protein intake if medication-related weight gain is a concern. Increased physical activity can also help control weight gain from medication. This can be a good thing if you are underweight to start with.

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Pregabalin Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings ….

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Short-term use of these medications can cause a slight weight gain of 2 to 3 lbs. Long-term use or abuse of these medications can cause more significant weight gain as you continue to experience a decrease in your overall physical activity. Once a tablet is swallowed, methocarbamol hits its maximum concentration in the body in about one hour. Many common side effects, especially sleepiness, dizziness, and lightheadedness, will be experienced soon after taking the medication. A few side effects, such as seizures or jaundice, may take a few days or weeks of treatment to become a problem.

Weight loss may occur once a person stops taking their medication. However, this will depend on the drug in question and the individual. There are some important steps you can take to manage the side effects of methocarbamol. The combination can raise the risk of falls, injuries, and side effects. Methocarbamol has only a few side effects, but some of these, like sedation and nausea, are commonly experienced. The FDA advises that methocarbamol be used in pregnancy only when necessary.

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For most patients, the recommended dose of FLEXERIL is 5 mg three times a day. Based on individual patient response, the dose may be increased to 10 mg three times a day. Use of FLEXERIL for periods longer than two or three weeks is not recommended.

Some antipsychotics, however, have a higher likelihood than other drugs of causing an increase in body weight. People on medications that cause water retention, such as corticosteroids, can limit weight gain by reducing salt intake. A low sodium diet involves consuming less than 2,000 milligrams of salt per day. Some medications that cause weight gain are not flexeril or gabapentin safe to take with alcohol. Even if they are taking a medication that is safe alongside alcohol, people should avoid high calorie alcoholic beverages to avoid unnecessary caloric intake. In some cases, it is possible to lower the dosage of the medication that is causing weight gain and still get relief from the symptoms of the condition that it is treating.

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As a sedative, methocarbamol slows down the central nervous system, but it does not directly affect the ability of muscles to contract. Many side effects, like drowsiness and dizziness, are related to the sedative effects of methocarbamol. Even if not entirely avoidable, these problems can usually be managed.

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